About us

About us

Asset Recovery takes care of the entire process aimed at industrial dismantling projects in the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and energy sector. For more than 20 years we have been realizing the engineering and execution of critical dismantling and demolition projects for many chemical multinationals around the world. From 2020, Asset Recovery will strengthen its technical capacities and market position by transferring its engineering and management activities for demolition and dismantling projects to the Heezen Companies.

Industrial decommissioning project in the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and energy sector

"Asset Recovery implements professionalism and efficiency in technology and safety of industrial demolition works, decommissioning and remediation. We provide a 'Total Service' for the safe disposal of shut down factories and installations. A 'strange' activity for the owner is 'core business' for Asset Recovery. The more difficult and delicate the assignment, the more fascinating for Asset Recovery."

Our mission
Asset Recovery

Knowledge and experience

The knowledge and experience of Asset Recovery is currently applied in almost all industries. Our approach to safety, health and the environment is the most important aspect in every project. Our chemical knowledge and experiences from many projects are of crucial importance in making risk analyzes and choosing safe and efficient working methods. We develop new working methods in combination with machine developments and apply them to improve safety and efficiency. With the knowledge, expertise and people of Heezen and our cooperation with “first class” contractors, we can deploy market and technology developments immediately and under the best conditions.

Flexibility and service

We continuously and closely coordinate the implementation of our projects. Problems are solved quickly and professionally. Our “hands-on” approach guarantees the safest and most efficient execution. A clear organization with short and flexible communication lines guarantees the immediate execution of appointments and higher security. Asset Recovery offers "Customer-Made" solutions:

  • As a "Total-Service" implementation, at your own expense and risk. The owner receives the sales value of the installations and is relieved of the technical and financial risks involved in the execution of the works.

  • As a "consultant expert", appointed by the owner, to coordinate demolition works and relieve the own management of "strange" projects.

The services of Asset Recovery can also be used for parts of a project or for a specific period of time.


Time and time again, Asset Recovery is recognized by its customers as a loyal and reliable partner that executes its projects safely, and in accordance with all technical and financial goals. The best proof of this reliability is the fact that customers always come back to Asset Recovery when they have new and critical demolition projects. Thanks to our knowledge and experience, many customers acknowledge us as their most reliable and preferred partner for critical dismantling and demolition jobs.