Reference projects

Through a combination of knowledge and more than 20 years of experience, we offer a suitable answer to an ever-growing demand for a specialized company with a strong focus on safety, health & environment.

Demolition of chemical, petrochemical and pharma installations

  • Dismantling and demolition of distillation towers in oil refinery plant (Gunvor Petrochemicals Antwerp (2017) (B)

  • Removal of selected storage tanks from tanker park (B) (2017)

  • Large scale soil remediation of pharma production site (NL) (Patheon/DSM) (2017)

  • Demolition of chemicals warehouses (Kaneka- B) (2017)

  • Storage tank park demolition (Monument Chemical-B) (2018)

  • Demolition of ammonium-sulphate plant (Fibrant-NL) (2018)

  • Demolition of contractor park on Ineos site of Antwerp (B) (2018)

  • Demolition of pyrolysis installation at Lubrisol (B) (2018)

  • Demolition of large storage tanks and reactors (Monument Chemical-B) (2019)

  • Demolition of dredging-mud purification plant (Jan de Nul) (S) (2019)

  • Demolition/dismantling of glass production line (AGC Glass-Europe)(B) (2019)

  • Demolition of large scale ‘high pressure’ tank at Borealis (B) (2019)

  • Demolition of structural works (DAF Trucks Westerlo) (B) (2019)

Sale and industrial dismateling for relocation of complete plants

  • Engineering plastics polymerization plant (SMA) (NL, B) 2007

  • Renovation and sale with restart of DSM’s SMA plant (NL) 2007

  • Dismantling, sale and relocation of engineering plastics processing operation (B) 2005

  • Sale and restart of methanol plant from AKZO, DSM, Dynea (NL) 2007

  • Power stations (NL, CH, B) 2004-2007

  • Sale of different power stations (steam/electricity generators)

  • Textile plants (B, CZ): sale of complete plant for textile production and processing 2006

  • Vegetable oil refinery (NL) 2004

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