Sales for reuse and construction materials

At the start of each project, we assume to sell the entire installation or plant, because it generates the highest return value for the owner. If that is not possible, we sell the reusable machinery and materials. The revenues from selling the equipment and materials are quite often significantly higher than the costs for dismantling and demolition.


Such projects bring a positive contribution to owner’s financial results. We also handle the dismantling and transport of soled equipment to the buyer. Of course, each sale for reuse (a whole installation or stand-alone equipment) requires owner’s approval.

Construction materials

The income generated by the sale of all construction materials is an important financial aspect. Asset Recovery searches for the highest possible returns from various metals, bricks (for reuse), debris (milled granulate), wood, etc. Based on the return value of all materials, chemical installations are often very valuable. This often allows us to contribute positively to the owner’s financial result.